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DADA Design & Architecture provide a comprehensive range of design-build services including architecture, interior design, landscape design and contracting.    


  • Architecture

    At DADA Architects we understand successful architecture is the creation of functional, sustainable, and beautiful environments. We design buildings that improve peoples’ lives and solve the challenges associated with the development of new structures. Our multidisciplinary team of architects, designers and engineers respond to the requirements of our clients and their communities with innovative and comprehensive architectural solutions.

  • Interior design

    Our team of interior designers work within a built environment to create aesthetically pleasing interiors that match the client’s goals, lifestyle, and taste. We plan, design, and furnish a space with careful consideration to light, color, materials, furnishings, and finishes, all in accordance with the functional requirements and architectural elements of the setting. Everything we do celebrates the unique identity and essence of a building and its interior spaces.

  • Landscaping

    We believe the built structure and its surrounding landscape should closely influence and support one another. Our design team develop unique solutions to site-specific landscapes, bringing results which combine maintainability and sustainability with aesthetic beauty and character. We focus on all aspects of an outside space, including working with the local soil type, ecology, and climate. From small residential gardens to large-scale commercial grounds, we do it all.

  • Contracting

    When you choose DADA Architects, you’re also choosing experienced design-build contractors providing a wide range of construction services. Our team consisting of architects, project managers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, quantity surveyors, accountants, and more, oversee all design and construction projects from inception through to completion. We tailor all our services to meet our clients’ schedules, budgets, needs, and requirements.

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